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October 16th

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David Ekbladh

Tippecanoe and Tenskwatawa Too: Indian removal and Manifest Destiny - War of 1812 - - treaty of ghent- not much changes - status quo between british and americans remains - does have real impacts in that america is a thing to the british now - - more intense degree of acceptance - Canada - - fighting over it caused a lot of bad blood - americans also accept that canada is a real thing - Still an important outcome - changes the relationship between britain and the united states - British will less and less support the Natives - Natives - - attempts to form a new native empire failed - natives act less as independent tribes - St.Clair- horrible loss for america against natives - - Ohio Valley - natives over run camp that has not be prepared - 1/4 of the american army in 1791 is defeated - sometimes the important major campaigns were not agains europeans but agains natives - Fallen Timbers- americans defeat the natives - - Gives the americans reestablished authority - settlers still pushing into this area - british still [playing with the natives - William Henry Harrison - - One month presidential term - Territorial governor of Indiana - - Encourages settlement - Encourages slavery, makes sure it's legal in this territory - Negotiates with tribes - - rights to settle the land to white americans - Tribes - - miami - shawnee - serious competitors - political entities - Natives give land that does not actually belong to them to americas, no clear territorial possession - Great deal of frustration among tribes, especially younger men, because of these treaties with natives - Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa - - Tecumseh= Warrior - Tenskwatawa= Priest - - mobilizes people in a way that is particularly threatening - has idea that tribes come together to forge a new identity and defeat the americans - "the sun will disappear from the sky" and then there's an eclipse! - Builds a village known as profits town - begins to collect thousand of natives - - bad for harrison because he can no longer play different tribes off each other - 1809- treaty of fort wayne - - with miami - territory they have given up is territory that the shawnee claim - Tenskwatawa- gets 400 warriors together to march on fort wayne - - aggressive gestures for his people to show that he is taking stern action - taken as a threat, particul
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