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Jessica Remedios

10/9, Class Notes Hurting Others Part 1 Aggression – behavior intended to harm another individual Instrumental – trying to obtain something of value (ex. contract killing) Emotional – just for the sake of doing it (ex. jealous lover seeks revenge) Origins Evolutionary psychology Aggression is innate Predicts gender differences in tendencies Men – to show women they are high-status mates, in response to sexual jealousy (due to uncertainty of paternity), face-to-face most likely Women – to defend offspring, to protect themselves so they can protect offspring, indirect/relational aggression most likely (low risk) Relational aggression – targets a person’s relationships and status Are men more aggressive than women? No, just different types, BUT men are more violent Gender and socialization Non-evolutionary explanations – what is socially acceptable for boys and girls Social learning theory – behavior learned through observation of others, and through direct experience of rewards and punishments Rewards increase aggression, punishment decreases aggression Types of rewards positive reinforcement – cheers for punching someone (you get desired outcomes) negative reinforcement – self-protection for punching someone (you prevent undesired outcomes) Corpor
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