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ARH 252
Samuel Sanderson

Section2NotesAllieHaddockSection 2NotesChapter 4The Prehistoric AegeanthGreece in the Age of Heroes 18 Century BCEHeinrich Schliemann a wealthy German businessman who made himself an archeologist discovered Troy and several other fortified cities built on top of each other Discovered Homers Troy had been destroyed by fireHeinrich Schliemann also found Mycenae King Agamemnon ruled Mycenae Heinrich Schliemann found massive fortress palaces with gold jewelry and several other signs of great wealth Mycenae wasnt the only center of this civilization another was Minoan Crete and was ruled by King Minos He was thought to be a myth In a legendary myth he built a labyrinth a maze to catch a Minotaur bullheaded manMing Minos also ruled Knossos Heinrich discovered a palace on an Aegean Sea island that resembled a maze and the people who he found living there he named MinoansArcheologists found scripts that they have yet to decipher that are written in a form of ancient Greek They are called Linear A and Linear BNaxos was an Aegean Island where marble was found in abundanceFigurine of a woman from Syros Cyclades Greece ca 25002300 BCE Marble 1 6 high this figurine would have been laid down on top of a grave and scholars are not sure what their significance isMale lyre player from Keros Cyclades Greece ca 27002500 BCE Marble 9 high they have found many similar sculptures at gravesites but scholars are also unsure as to their significance as wellAerial view looking northeast of the palace of Knossos Crete Greece ca 17001400 BCE Was destroyed by a fire probably due to an earthquake that started a fire was a palace used for the cultural and religious center not just for the royal familys living quarters Central area is the large rectangular courtLabyrintha mazeLabrysa double axStairwell in the residential quarter of the palace at Knossos Crete Greece ca 17001400 BCETerracotta pipes which allowed water to be carried away terracotta baked earthAshlar blocks were used for buildingMinoan woman or goddess La Parisienne from the palace at Knossos Crete Greece ca 14501400 BCE Fragment of FrescoBullleaping from the palace at Knossos Crete Greece ca 14501400 BCE Fresco 2 8 high including borderProbably a dry fresco due to the poor state that it is in nowSarcophagus from Hagia Triada Crete Greece ca 14501400 BCE Painted limestone 4 6 longIllustrates funerary rights that the Minoans practicedThis picture reveals one of the shorter sides and it shows men and women gathering offerings to give to the deceased men with animals women with things they gathered it also depicts a man playing a harp shows a statue or a possible depiction of the deceased standing next to the tombLandscape with swallows Spring Fresco from Room Delta 2 Akrotiri Thera Cyclades Greece ca 1650 BCE Fresco 7 6 highReally important artifact because it is the largest known frescoWas preserved by volcanic ash from an eruption and it preserved the buildingsAn emphasis on landscape and not a lot of depicted detail more expressive and more like the artist is trying to capture the wind and the landscape as it would be naturallyFlotilla detail of Miniature Ships Fresco from room 5 West House Akrotiri Thera Cyclades Greece ca 16501625 BCE FrescoCrocus gatherers detail of the east wall of room 3Kamaresware jar from Phaistos Crete Greece ca 18001700 BCE 1 8 highMarine Style octopus jar from Palaikastro Crete Greece ca 1500 BCE 11 highSnake Goddess from the palace at Knossos Crete Greece ca 1600 BCE Faience 1 1highFaienceYoung god from Palaikastro Crete Greece ca 15001475 BCE Ivory gold serpentine and rock crystal restored height 1 7highChryselephanyine gold and ivory sculptureTechnique used for the Greeks most precious cult imagesHarvester Vase from Hagia Triada Crete Greece ca 1500 BCE Steatite originally with gold leaf greatest diameter 5Mycenaean Culture and Art1500 BCEOften called the Late Helladic periodOrchomenos and PylosAerial View of the citadel at Tiryns Greece ca 14001200 BCECorbeled gallery in the walls of the citadel Tiryns Greece ca 14001200 BCEoA Greek author Pausanias visited these walls and described them to be as spectacular as the Great PyramidsoThought they were so great that a race of Cyclopes the oneeyed monsters built these walls because they were so great and were such great sized rocks that they thought there was no way humans could have built themEven today architects refer to walls built with great sized rocks as cyclopean masonryoCorbeled arching vaults the walkway arches of the stones that were built and stacked in a way that they were held together without any mortar and were held merely by their own weightThree methods of spanning a passagewayPost and LintelArch John BurgeCorbeled archPlan of the palace and southern part of the citadel Tiryns Greece ca 14001200 BCERestored view of the megaron Palace of Nestor Pylos ca 1300 BCE watercolor by Piet de JongLion Gate Mycenae Greece ca 13001250 BCE Limestone relief panel 9 6 highoCorbeled relieving around the lion sculptures at the top of the gateoThis matches the notion of strength and dignityoRelieving triangle prevent weight from bearing down on a passageways lintelTreasury of Atreus Mycenae Greece ca 13001250 BCE 43 high at the top of the domeoTholos tomb tholos is a kind of burial chamber beehivelike construction like a corbeled cone Stones were laid out in a circle and stacked up in a corbeled fashion to achieve structural stability Stones were likely cut then stacked and then finished once they were stacked from the inside to achieve the smooth appearanceFunerary mask from Grace Circle A Mycenae Greece ca 16001500 BCE Beaten gold 1 highThese grave sites were for royal families The bodies were lowered into the graves men often with weapons and women with jewels and jewelry
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