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Lecture 11

JCM 356 Lecture 11: 10_11_2018 Lecture

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JCM 356
Dr. Cantrell

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10/11/2018 Lecture
● Publicity: free editorial exposure such as film reviews, talent interviews on talk shows,
stories in newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.
● Most cost effective
● Least predictable/risky
● Relies directly on media outlets
● Relationa
● Gatekeeper of positioning and spin
● Film publicity is run by the studio
● A department within the marketing department
● Senior Executive that oversees the process
● May have 20-30 publicists on the team
β—‹ Each team member has specific outlets
β—‹ Each team member oversees multiple movies at a time
● Publicity outlets:
β—‹ Talk shows
β—‹ Morning shows
β—‹ Entertainment news
β—‹ Magazine interviews
β—‹ Behind-the-scenes documentaries
β—‹ Press junket/promo tour
● Each film has a publicist team
● Each actor has their own publicist
● Each media outlet has a publicist (may not be called a publicist though)
● Most directors have a publicist
● Everyone has to work together
● Electronic press kit
β—‹ Cast & credits
β—‹ Mini-bios
β—‹ Extended bios
β—‹ Press clips
β—‹ Photos
β—‹ Production info
β—‹ Video clips
● Oscar Campaign
β—‹ All studio campaigns are run by ONE team in Publicity
β—‹ Very expensive
β—‹ Very political
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