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Lecture 3

ANSC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Weaning

Animal Science
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ANSC 101
Kasey Moyes

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Beef Industry
India has the highest population of cattle because they don’t consume it (cows are sacred)
United States produces the most cattle
Cattle Farmers
Most U.S. livestock farmers own beef cattle
Heifer = female cow that is of breeding age
Specialization into Beef Cattle and Dairy Cattle
Improved breeds
Specialized equipment
Specialized labor
Differing market requirements
Why so many beef producers?
By-product of land ownership
o If land isn’t good for crops
Lower start up costs
Lower labor demands
Minimal predator concern
Image of owning cattle
o It looks great
KNOW AVG LENGTH OF TIME for each animal (see graph “Production time-line of
farm animals”)
Segments of the beef industry
Know basic definitions (see slide)
Specialized cow/calf producers, i.e. breeding stock
Sell genetics
o Herd sires (bulls)
o Replacement heifers
o Semen
o Embryos
Commercial cow/calf producers
Majority of beef producers
Brood cows
Calve once per year
All steers
Raise calves until weaned
o 6-10 months
o Introduce calves to eat non-forages (i.e. grain)
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o Overcome stress of weaning
Purchase weaned or backgrounded calves
Dry lot
High concentrate diet (i.e. 70% high corn grain)
o High fat diet makes the meat taste better
o Dry, little humidity
o Southern and Central Great Plains
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