BSCI 283 Lecture 19: Lecture 19

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University of Maryland
Biological Sciences Program
BSCI 283
Daniel Stein

Viruses 4/19/17 • Capsule o Virulence determinant o Inhibits phagocytosis o Passive-covers or hides things ▪ PAMPs that phagocytes use to recognize foreigners ▪ Surface features o Active-complement o Synthesis of capsule is complex, multistep o Different mutations in series of steps in pathway lead to non-capsule phenotype • Case 3 o Pathogen can cause different diseases depending on site of infection • Host Responses to Infection o Innate immunity ▪ Nonspecific ▪ Recognize difference between self and bacteria ▪ Pattern recognition o Adaptive immunity ▪ Organism specific ▪ Learned-required time and effort, must be remembered o First barrier is through skin o Physical barrier coated with normal flora, occupy surfaces, produce antimicrobial compounds, modify the environment • Nonspecific Host Defenses o Present from birth o Immediate-cells and secreted proteins are present, ready for action, blunts spread of infection o Has no memory- not impressed for second exposure o Interacts closely with adaptive immunity • Specific Host Defenses o Learned by experience o Not immediate- requires proliferation of specific response cells o Has memory-magnitude and speed of response improved for second exposure, confers immunity to specific pathogen o Poorly effective without innate immune response • Cells of Immune System o Blood stem cell in bone marrow can differentiate into
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