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Janna Bianchini

Revolt and Schism 5/1/13 14 C church is also struggling (decentralized and demoralized) France- has replaced HRE as dominant monarchy of Europe, so French king rival to Pope King Philip IV of France, “the Fair”- had tried to impose taxes on French clergy - not on good terms w/ Pope b/c considered it a trespass - Pope Boniface VIII decreed only church can tax the clergy Philip arrested a bishop who slandered him and wanted to try him in the royal court - Philip backed down to Pope, but before released bishop, Pope called council to discuss Philip and impose a sanction o King forbade his bishops to attend the council o Boniface issued unam sanctam- king should be subject to the Pope (similar Investiture conflict) and so should everyone else o Assertion of papal authority and first step to depose the king - Philip sends troop to Pope and takes him prisoner and he dies from stress, Philip wins! - Popes don’t act out to Kings, Philip was peak of French royal power th th Church triumphant (13 C) and fall apart (14 C) Archbishop elected Pope- stops in town of Avignon (border of French kingdom) and French cardinals and King persuade him not to go to Rome to avoid turmoil that previous Popes suffered through - Babylonian Captivity- called by people want Pope in Rome, Pope stayed in France, heavily influenced by French rulers - All Popes were French during Babylonian captivity, Pope’s policies become in line w/ French kings - Popes are trying to get to Rome but have to secure city so is safe to return, must raise cash and hire mercenaries to send to Italy (and settle things down) o Papacy’s focused on fundraising o Pluralism (holding more than one ecclesiastical position) becomes a problem again, Pope grants these positions because is source of income o Indulgences of church (pay money to support crusade for spiritual benefits) - Avignon papacy= appearance of worldliness, getting money to return to Rome, gets mixed into 100 yrs war, efforts to mediate war futile b/c not seen as third party (England consider them on F side) Pope returns to Rome, - People of Rome riot refusing to let them leave again, French cardinals leave Rome as election of new Pope was invalid, elect new French Pope who returns to Avignon - Great Schism- long period when there are 2 popes (in Avignon and Rome) o National issue- England, Italy, Germany (Support Rome), French and Iberian Kingdoms (Avignon) o
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