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Lecture 15

PSYC 221 Lecture 15: Religion and Morality

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PSYC 221
Dylan Selterman

• Positive Emotions o Ward off adaptation with new experiences ▪ Self-expansion, growth, challenges • Generating positive affect o Gratitude expression ▪ Interpersonally or diaries o Savoring ▪ Desserts and moments • Those that take longer to enjoy things are happier • Eat slower to be happier ▪ Capitalization • It’s better when you share experiences with people o Mindfulness meditation ▪ 3 weeks – increased daily positive emotion ▪ 8 weeks – increased physical wellness, efficacy/goal achievement, relationship quality o Forgiveness, kindness, and social support o Expressive writing (meaning-making) o Sex ▪ Both positive and negative affect ▪ Caveat: personality • Sociosexual orientation o Your beliefs about committed relationships and sex will change how you enjoy sex • Attachment style o Money ▪ Having excess wealth does not make people happier ▪ Raw wealth ▪ Upward comparison • Comparing yourself to others ▪ Money can buy happiness • If you spend it the right way • Gifts for close others, building teamwork, etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Religion and Morality • Big Questions o Existential questions and answers o Terror Management Theory (TMT) ▪ We know we will die and we fear our own death ▪ We invent religion to appease our ideas of death ▪ Mortality salience leads to anxiety/distress ▪ Increased belief in supernatural agents, afterlife, mind-body distinctions • Mortality salience leads to worldview defense o When confronted with thoughts of death, people double down on their own beliefs o Explicit vs. implicit dependent variable ▪ Explicit • “Do you believe in God?” ▪ Implicit associations • God = real
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