KIN 155 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Homo Sapiens, Natural Disaster, Physical Strength

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KIN 155
Unit 2 Evolution of Physical Activity
In prehistoric times, physical activity was critical to survival hunting, avoiding
predators and competing with others for sexual partners
Natural Selection Slight genetic advantages led to the greater probability of
reproducing and surviving
A population will always move to a better environment because nature poses a demand
and stress on humans, and only the best can survive harsh weather/environment
Selective traits leading to homo sapiens development:
o Upright posture useful because we can see our environment better and free
hands (not walking on them) allows us to use them for other purposes
o Bi-pedal locomotion walking on 2 feet also allows free use of hands/arms
o Opposable thumbs allows us to more with our hands and the ability to build
and craft using the environment
o Vertical head position we can see more of our environment
o INTELLIGENCE/BRAIN greater memory recall, language development, predict
environment, develop tools, greater control over fine movements
Founder Effect when a small group reproduces and populates a new location, the
genetic variation will be low
Population Bottleneck after an environmental event (natural disaster), the less
dominant will die and the survivors usually share a beneficial trait (immunity to disease)
that allows them to survive and reproduce people similar to them etc.
Physical activity was essential to survival because of activities like hunting, gathering,
farming, warfare and general labor
Physical leisure activities began with the Greeks Olympiads
Technological progress reduced the amount of physical activity needed for many jobs
the reliance of physical activity reduced
Physical strength competes with other factors when it comes to finding a mate like
money, choice and increased value of non-physical traits (personality)
**absence of evidence DOES NOT equal evidence of absence
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find more resources at
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