POL 150C1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Autarky, German Nationalism, World View

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POL 150- Politics of Happiness - Lecture 13: German Nationalism Day 3
Monday 10/27/14
Test on Monday, November 3rd
Nationalism, history, society and the state:
How do the nation and the state fit together?
Logic of the political system (state & government)?
Impact of domestic and international conditions?
War or peace
Economic prosperity or challenge
Social-cultural conditions
Logic of the leadership?
Tyranny & the Nazi German case; critical questions:
How did totalitarian Nazi regime come to power & then maintain power?
What was the weltanschauung of the Nazi regime?
Selected Consequences:
Atomization of society; central state involved in “high politics” & “low politics”
Re-socialization of the population
Set of interlocking centralized hierarchies
How could Hitler come to power?
President Hindenburg appointed him
(i.e. attempt to manipulate Hitler)
Hitler’s maneuverings (no single base; various independent bases).
Nazi Party (s. 1919)
Popular support
Context of political anomie, frustration, and escapism
Securing popular legitimacy:
Growing public support (% voting for Nazis & number of Reichstag seats for
Nazis; total deputies = 585 seats)
88.7% turnout — the people voted Hitler
“Nazi suffering” and legitimacy:
Nazi poster, 1932 Reichstag election
Nazi Maneuverings:
In March-April 1932 presidential election, Hitler secures 37% of vote
versus Hindenburg (and becomes logical candidate to be chancellor)
Hitler is appointed Chancellor Jan. 30, 1933
Führerprinzip (Fuehrer Principle)
Articulated by Hitler as early as July 1921
Key components; the leader as an authority: the leader and the country
are one.
Foundations of political authority (according to Hitler):
■ Popularity
■ Tradition
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