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COMM 1003
Dr.De Carvalho

Film Lecture Film Form and Elements of Narrative090913Content vs FormWhat do you think is the difference between content and formContent what the work or in this case film is about refers to the subject matterideabasedForm the means by which that subject is expressed and experienced eg style technique media etcdesignbasedIn other words Think of content as referring to what the subject of a film is and form as being how that subject is being presentedForm enables filmmakers to shape our particular experience and interpretation of that contentContent is to the story as form is to the cameraKey Elements of Film FormWhat elements might impact and shape how we perceive what we see onscreenNarrative Week 3Miseenscene Week 4Cinematography Week 5Editing Week 6Sound Week 7Cinematic LanguageThis refers to the tools and techniques that filmmakers use in order to create and convey meaning to spectatorsIn other words form in the world of movies is known as cinematic language
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