PSY 306 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Product Placement, Social Influence, Social Proof

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Class 10: Social Influence: Persuasion, Conformity, Compliance & Obedience
Persuasion: the process by which outside forces influence attitude
Think of this as the situational component of attitude
The source of the information strongly influences how persuaded
we are by the information
Normal decay: a persuasive message loses its impact over time,
Attitudes return to base line
Sleeper effect: a persuasive message that was originally
discounted because of a low-credibility source becomes
more persuasive with time as source is forgotten
Attractiveness: attractive people are more likely to listened to
Close to self: we are more likely to listen to people who are
similar to us and we identify with
Strength of argument
Repetition (mere exposure)
“Peripheral” or irrelevant cues:
Providing a “reason” that’s not an actual reason
Number of arguments
Positive affect
Forewarning enables resistance so they must be sneaky such as
product placement where items are in tv shows
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