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Lecture 9

PSY 450 Lecture 9: lectures 9 & 11: Hormones and Behavior

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PSY 450
Pranjal Mehta

Here are some of the smaller lectures combined: Week 5 Lecture 1 Three main methods of research with OT: 1. experimental manipulationplacebocontrolled administration of OT (study social behavior in OT compared to placebo groups) 2. measure plasma levels of OT 3. determine OTrelated genetic markers (look at correlation to social behaviors) Elevated cerebrospinal fluid and blood concentrations of oxytocin following it intranasal insertion Concern for OT literature: low replicability high researcher degrees of freedom lack of falsifiable behavioral theory Week 6 Lecture 1 Social hierarchy and stress The hierarchy (particularly your perception of the hierarchy) is a strong predictor of negative outcomes related to stress Key study showed that people with lower SES experienced more stress o Lower ranking employees were significantly at higher risk for Allcause mortality Cardiovascular disease Significant even when controlling for other risk factors More smoking Less likely to exercise Robert Sapolskys seminal research in male olive baboons: Why Zebras Dont Get Ulcers. Alpha, beta, gamma, Stable hierarchy: Lowest ranking animals have the highest cortisol levels Unstable hierarchy: highest ranking animals have the highest cortisol levels (have to defend position) Erik Knightmanipulated position in hierarchymanager or subordinate Those who felt in control performed better (managers who werent at risk for demotion performed the best) reinforces the hierarchy positively related to interview performance T stress reactivity was actually negatively related to interview performance
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