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University of California - Irvine
Biological Sciences
Grant Mac Gregor

A. Clicker a. Knowledge nugget i. Antibody / staining 1. Anti-tubulin, anti-kinetochore b. GFP - don't have to fix cells c. Electron microscope - must fix cells d. How do you test whether to ER depends on the membrane i. Disrupt - examine ER ii. Block A. MT - binding motors a. Dynein i. Minus end directed motor ii. Go toward the cell center b. Kinesin i. Plus end direct motor ii. Go away from the cell center b. Light chains are used for cargo holding B. Herpes Simplex a. Cargo for MT motors b. Enters the cell, and leaves to cell to reenter another cell i. Enters a neuron to the cell body 1. Uses a dyenin a. Enters the nucleus ii. Viral production 1. Uses a kinesin a. From the cell body ot to the axon B. Intracellular organelles are cargo for the MT light motors a. Kinesin moves ER membranes toward the cell membrane B. Movements of MT-dependent motors a. Crawling i. Actin-dependent b. Swimming i. MT/dynein B. Eukaryotes Flagellum a. 9 doublets with a pair of singlet MT b. MT are all crosslinked to each other i. All are crosslinked to the central pair of singlet microtubules B. Flagella-based cell mobility a. Isolated double microtubules i. Makes MT sliding b. Dynein causes MT bending c. Eukaryotic and prokaryotic flagellum are difffent i. Bacterial 1. Driven by a proton gradient- estabished by by ATP hydrolysis B. Eukaryotic Cilia a. Multiple motile cilia i. 9+2 cilia ii. All beat together iii. Dynein-dependent iv. Found on epithelial cells b. Single non-motile primary cilium i. 9+0 cilia ii. No central MT pair, no dynein iii. Important for signal transduction 1. Diseases causes ciliopathies 2. Left right body symmetry B. Intraflagellar Transport (IFT) a. Important for cil
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