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Lecture 4

HUMAN 1C Lecture 4: 2.2 Race-Based Labor

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University of California - Irvine
Professor Block

Introduction and Overview - Creating colonies (c. 1600s) - Defining labor through gender and race - Reproduction Gender, Labor, and Colonization - Women are doing more kinds of labor - Agriculture is complex Gender Frontier of Labor Corn - Anglo-Americans: Squaw Drudge v. Idle Men - Algonquians: Pathetic Dependents - John Smith and Powhatan (c. 1609) - Powhatan says “we need corn”, English keep coming back to ask for corn, Powhatan asks for guns and swords - Gender role becoming natural Slaves for Success - Colonists create a slave-based labor system - Slaves are necessary for success - Men are laborers, white women labors to her husband, but if you are AA, women and men are considered laborers - If you marry an AA women, you have to pay the taxes for her as a laborer (does not apply to white women) Colonial Labor William Byrd, owns a plantation - Eats a variety of meats → rich - His loss is what people(AA slaves) produce → gives a sense of what makes up an elite leader Martha Ballard Diary, Maine 1785-1812 Textiles: Weeded, pulled, combed, spun, reeled, boiled, spooled, warper, quilled, wove, bucked, bleached Needlework...Slaughtering...Food Preparation - Women’s community’s women’s exchanges - Nonstop labor Midwifery - Martha Ballard - 768/814 survive - Racial divisions in labor, childbirth only involves women Reproduction: Childbirth and Midwifery Creating Race through Reproduction An Act
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