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Religious Studies
Chris Mc Kenna

Abraham and Sarah Living in Mesopotamia Hes old and wealthy no children God appears to him and says I want you to gather your family and all your stuff and leave Go to this place and he does it First instance of faith He heads west towards Canaan on the east coast of the Mediterranean They arrive and God says This land is for you and your descendants This is the promised land and this will be a great nationHe starts to make a life but they have no children Sarah has Abraham sleep with Hagar and a child is born named Ishmael The Lord appears again when Ishmael is 13 and says when I said descendants I meant you and Sarah Sarah overhears this and laughs God asks why she laughed she denies and he pushes Eventually Sarah and Abraham have a son named Isaac Sarah convinces Abraham to banish Hagar and Ismael and the latter becomes the father of the arabs Sarah eventually dies and Isaac is really affected Abraham says dude you need a girl But I dont want you marrying a girl here in Canaan Abraham has a servant go back to Iraq and bring back a wife Said servant sees a beautiful girl named Rebecca When Isaac and Rebecca saw each other they just went into a tend and did the dirty They have a son named Jacob or Israel Same story with Jacob Isaac says dude get married Get a girl from back home Tells him to go find her Isaac goes back to Iraq and finds a girl named Rachel Father of the girl says to work for him for 7 years After he is forced to marry Leah and then Rebecca after another seven years He also gets two other wives Bilhah and Zilpah They have twelve sons and this becomes the 12 tribes of IsraelOne of the twelve son Joseph who is sold by his other cruel siblings into siblings
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