SOC SCI H1E Lecture 1: Course Overview and Utility (04/04/17)

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Social Science
Weatheralland O' Connor

LECTURE 1 Tuesday, April 4, 2017 THE GOOD LIFE 1.1 Course Overview and Utility Going over the syllabus What makes people happy? Midterms will be shortanswer format with the possible questions provided beforehand Course outline: o Utility theory o Philosophers on the good life Jeremy Bentham, ethics and utilitarianism Socrates Plato Aristotle Epictetus, a stoic Epicurus, epicureanism Nietzsche (20 century) o First Midterm will mainly cover the philosophers o Science and social science Methodological Measuring happiness or wellbeing in science Methodological problems of studies measuring wellbeing The Bear Necessities of happiness Human needs, biological Economic and social issues Connection between money and happiness Cultural influences on happiness o Second Midterm will cover that second chunk o Sociality, contact with other humans, and moral behavior seem to be intertwined with happiness. Why? Neuroscience of happiness Understand what aspects of neuroanatomy are important to our wellbeing and happiness, and how they relate to sociality and morality Moral actions and moral behavior o Conclusion: Some of the science confirm the Greek philosophers perspectives on happiness o The Final will be cumulative The Good Life o Ambiguity in whether good refers to pleasurable life or moral sense
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