SOC SCI H1E Lecture 5: Post-Socratic Schools (04/18/17)
SOC SCI H1E Lecture 5: Post-Socratic Schools (04/18/17)

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University of California - Irvine
Social Science
Weatheralland O' Connor

LECTURE 5 Thursday, April 18, 2017 THE GOOD LIFE 3.1 PostSocratic Schools PostSocratic Schools o Aristotle is the most famous postSocratic philosopher, mostly because of his influence on Christian theologytraditions (e.g. Thomas Aquinas and Augustus) o But others also followed Socrates in reflecting on the nature of a good life Peripatetics (Aristotle) o Prone to walking a lot Cynics (Antisthenes; Diogenes) Stoics (Zeno of Citium; Epictetus) Cyrenaics Epicureanism (Epicurus) Cynicism Founded by Antisthenes (445365 BCE), a student of Socrates and contemporary of Aristotle Antisthenes was an ascetic philosopher who rejected all conventional desires: wealth, power, sex, fame, etc. o Aristotle emphasized the idea of virtue, the idea of moderation out of Socrates ideas o Antisthenes picked up a different aspect of Socrates thought, that bodily needs are to be considered less important than other needs, like spiritual needs Even if its unpleasant for the body Somehow led to the idea that bodily pain, deprivation, is good in and of itself due to its purifying effects He claimed that the path to a happy life was to live simply and in accordance with nature o To reject the trappings of society, the expectation of others, success in society o Bentham would think that he goes really wrong In trying to get the pleasures of the mind and the spirit, rejection of the worldly goods the wrong path, ought to be enjoying any pleasure they can instead The most famous Cynic was Diogenes (412323 BCE), a contemporary of Plato and Aristotle who famously lived in a large bathtub in the marketplace in Athens He taught that one should reject worldly things, and embrace selfsufficiency, austerity, and shamelessness o Not just reject society, but flaunt and actively reject the kinds of conditions on behavior that society seeks to place Stories about Diogenes:
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