INR 4084 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Raymond Aron, Conventional Warfare

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8 Feb 2017

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Class 3 Notes
Politics of International Terrorism
-Preemptive warfare is when an attack is done to prevent an attack on the country
because the country that strikes is not willing to take the first blow because it will be
too big of a blow for them.
-Preventive warfare is when you’re pretty sure that a country is going to attack you
soon but you know that if you get one big attack it will stop the whole thing.
-Different kinds of terrorism:
Anti-State: when a non gov’t group is trying to overthrow a gov’t target. Its the
easiest because they can just destroy and not worry about rebuilding
State-Sponsored: a gov’t sees what an anti-state group is doing and they supply
resources and back up the anti-terrorist group
State terrorism is usually domestic, its when the ruling gov’t of a country attacks
citizens. Usually way bigger in casualties as opposed to anti-state due to the
resources that are available to them. Targets are usually not those attacked but the
survivors instead. Best ex. would be what Stalin did during his time to control
Genocide literally killing everyone in a certain category, race, ethnicity, region, etc.
technically not terrorism because they attackers just want to eliminate a group and
don’t do what they’re doing to radiate terror to reach a goal. Terrorism is usually
broadcasted bc attackers need the fear meanwhile genocide is usually done in the
dark to prevent knowledge of whats going on.
-Valid definitions of terrorism must distinguish terrorism from conventional warfare, and
other criminal activity. It also needs to include both state and anti-state terrorism and
their has to be a terroristic aspect to it about wanting to spread fear
-Caleb Carr: “A warfare deliberately waged against with the purpose of destroying their
will to support either leaders or policies that the agents of such violence find
-Terrorism is a tactic not an ideology so it’s very hard to fight a “war on terrorism” you
can essentially only fight terroristic groups
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