Anthropology 9: Culture and Society - Lecture 2 Notes

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Jason Throop

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Edmund Husserl -We take natural world qualities for granted -Anthropologists take a step back from the natural attitude, taken-for-granted assumptions of the world -How did we get to the point in our existence where we accept this? That this is just what people do -There has been this whole process of socialization since we were infants -Why do we think certain things are normative? -Cultural anthropologiste don't begin from a point of acceptance Destabilizing the taken-for-granted -Take a step back and question what we know about humans -Don't accept the accepted Natural as conventional Familiar Strange Two fold task: -Make strange familiar -Learn about it, be open to that difference -From that difference, take something away -Human discomfort with change (emotional, physiological reaction) -"Culture shock" Taken-for-Granted • our unquestioned everyday experience of the world Two Questions: -how do we come to take our existence for-granted? -what happens when the taken-for-granted is challenged? -violence can be a major response to change -homophobia, racism, war, genocide, etc. -ex: 9/11 -> almost a decade of war Historical Metaphors and Mythical Realities Structure in the Early History of the Sandwich Islands Kingdom Marshall Sahlins -Captain James Cook on voyage of discovery -history is coincidental: festival celebrating lono, not “misinterpret
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