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Lecture 3

APPLING 101W Lecture 3: 1 Testing philosophy

Applied Linguistics
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Kinda Al Rifae

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Sample 2
Cite textbook
Cite textbook (Spada)
APA style for citation
Sound and look academic
What you want to emphasize?
How and why
A thesis statement in the end of introductory statement
Focus on how
e.g. "in order to increase motivation, I plan to teach my students through because according to ."
Sample 2
Teaching method, and why you teach this way(thesis)
In accordance with the thesis statement in introduction
My class is centered…. Not my class will be centered
Simple present tense, not future tense
Google "teaching philosophy statement"
Mentioning what to use
Use "I"
Not too much details about what they do during class(the practices),
Not that specific
Include examples of the activities, play games: but focus on why the game is played.
What I believe
What I put into what I believe
Why I do this
Don’t have to mention level
What language it is that you teach,
Why use group work, why use videos
remember this is a philosophy, why you design this activities
Use as a brain storming, extract, don’t have to tell yourself as
How those experiences affect your method of teaching
Focus on role as a teacher, not a learner
My own learning experiences
Topic sentence in each paragraph
Shown in the sample
Header: the shorter version of title
Page number
Double space
Give a title, the key of paper
Name , class, instructor, date of writing
Title centered
Title page
First formal page
APA style:
#1 Testing philosophy
Friday, August 9, 2019
10:02 AM
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