GE CLST M71CW Lecture 6: Cases of the Kennewick Man, the Anzick Child and Ötzi

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University of California - Los Angeles
General Education Clusters
Rensel, M.A.; Le Goff, A.G.; Panofsky, A.L.

Discussion of three cases of discovered human remains Kennewick Man Subjectivity of issues like respect gave rise to controversies How we define identity was a significant issue There was Difficulty in establishing cultural affiliations because of different perspectives Conflicts of world view between parties of interest lead to multi dimensional arguments These issues stemmed from NAGPRA which came into effect because Kennewick man was found on Federal land How would it have been less controversial? If from the beginning, Native Americans were involved If NAGPRA had less ambiguity in certain definitions Acknowledging and understanding the relative higher emphasis of science over oral traditions etc Try to bridge the gap But ultimately there is no definitive way of dealing with the issue of worldview Anzick Child Found in Montana in 1968 Skeletal remains of a male child Test results show that he is about 12600 years old He was not found alone like Kennewick Man There were about 115 different tools of bone, antler and stone buried with him Was linked to the Clovis culture But since Clovis does not distinctly exist, there was not much controversy over claims Red ochre coverings and many cultural objects were also found Thus it was concluded that he belonged to an important family He was Native American He was found on private land (NAGPRA was not invoked) Native Americans were not part of the analysis (hence controversial) Repatriated tzi 5000 years old (3100 BCE) Adult male Found up in the mountains in Austria Italy
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