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Lecture 12

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15 February 2011 Psych 178 – Lecture 12 The Person as a Scientist – person who wants to know and wants to master him/herself and the environment. Buddhist Philosophy • Who am I? • How do I understand myself and the world? • Helps me function in the world. • Not hedonic and passing on genes but one of understanding and mastering. Understanding causality. o Your car does not start. You ask, why didn’t the car start? (only ask questions of things that are unexpected) o You then search for evidence. How do I solve the causal question? o Bring forth different hypotheses:  Battery’s dead  No more gas • You put in gas and the car starts, you proved your hypothesis. • You put in gas and the car does not start. Then you realize that your gas gauge is broken. You open the hood and realize that the battery is broken. • What influences our conclusions? o How do we know things and how do we gather information? Experiment • Effort in school compared to other students: most people think they spend less time. o Pluralistic ignorance: you really don’t know what other people are thinking and what they are doing. You think you know their attitudes and how hard they are working but that is not true. o Hedonic bias: serves the self • Regarding ability in school compared to others: relatively higher than other students. If you are not doing well and not trying, this protects your ability beliefs. o Hedonic bias: you are very
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