CFD 3250 Lecture 26: regulations

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Child and Family Development
CFD 3250
Victoria Voland

Early Childhood Program Personnel • Quality of your program is determined to a great degree by the quality of the personnel. • Well qualified teachers meet the needs of the whole child. • Establishing and maintaining a positive working climate, providing appropriate professional development and ensuring that the staff is fairly compensated for their work. • If staff find the working conditions inadequate, the children will not do well in the program. Roles & Qualifications of Personnel • Staff in early childhood programs o Director o Teaching staff ▪ Teachers ▪ Assistant teachers or teacher aides ▪ Substitute teachers o Support personnel o Allied professionals ▪ Speech ▪ Occupational or physical therapists ▪ Case managers, or early interventionists ▪ Health consultants, or dietitians ▪ Music or Art teacher Roles & Qualifications of Personnel • Although each staff member has specific responsibilities • It requires flexibility • May be asked to serve lunch • Sweep the floor • A cook may talk or teach the children about fresh fruits and vegetables • Anyone available may comfort a child who has fallen • A program should be a caring community that assist each other whenever they can. • This means that the means of lines of responsibilities are blurred in the interests of providing a safe and nurturing environment. Roles & Qualifications of Personnel • Program Director: o Oversee and responsible for the day-to-day operations o Some are owners, others are hired to manage the program • Executive Director – oversees a large child care agency and may include some social services programs • Educational Coordinator – responsible for professional development, and curriculum development Roles & Qualifications of Personnel • Head teacher – oversees one or more classrooms • Supervisor – who oversees teachers and support personnel • Other points about directors
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