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Lecture 13

PSY 3010 Lecture 13: conditional discriminations

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PSY 3010

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conditional discriminations, stimulus discrimination- acquisition stimulus discrimination can be broadly defined a • Restricting the range of stimuli that evoke a particular behavior o Stimulus discrimination and restricting or narrowing stimulus control The effectiveness of discriminative stimuli derives from • A learner’s history of reinforcement, punishment, and/or extinction when those stimuli have been present o Discrimination training involves the manipulation of antecedents and consequences A game leader gives an instruction, the players respond according to instructions and their responses are reinforced only if the statement simon says perceive that instruction. The fourth term in this contingency i • The statement “simon says” A pigeon pecking of a red key is reinforced with food only when the chamber lights are on. When the chamber lights are off, only packing on a green key produces food. The green key is • An sd when the chamber lights are off and an s-delta when they are on A conditional discrimination is • A 4 term contingency o Conditional discriminations are established by reinforcing responses to particular stimuli if and only if they are preceded or accompanied five particular additional stimuli o Conditional discrimination is involved conditional stimuli, and antecedent stimuli, responses, and consequence The effectiveness of discriminative stimuli derives from • Differential reinforcement If a child enters the kitchen where cookies are cooling on the counter, 19 for a cookie will be reinforced by getting a cookie. If the child’s mother is in the kitchen, reaching for a cookie will not likely be reinforced, but asking for a cookie fight. The presence of the child’s mother is • A conditional stimulus that determines which response will result in a cookie Stimulus discrimination procedures and practices usually involve • Withholding reinforcement for responses to noncritical properties of a stimulus, reinforcing responses to stimuli that have the critical features of the natural sd, and withholding reinforcement for responses to stimuli that do not have the critical features of that sd o Discrimination procedures involved reinforcing responses to stimuli that have the critical features of the target an sd Which of the following is most likely to result and discrimination? • Request play outside or honored when the weather is warm and denied when it’s cold or rainy, mr. Stallings gives out gum to students, but
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