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Lecture 18

HDFS 2300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Attachment Theory

Human Development and Family Studies
Course Code
HDFS 2300
Louisa Baker

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More than attraction
o Beyond attraction
Attraction alone is not enough to make us commit
There has to be some type of deeper meaning/connection to make
a commitment worth it
Impacted by how many viable options there are
Belief that one's partner will not exploit or take unfair advantage
over them
Gives us security, ability to become more future-oriented
Reflected in the degree to which we are willing to work for the
continuation of the relationship
Leaves to desire to maintain or improve relationship
More committed = less focused on looking at other options
At first, you may be in a relationship but watching out for
other options in your life
As you get more committed, you look less at other options
and focus on your current relationship
Relationship turning points
Critical periods when relationships evolve to a deeper level of
intimacy or development, or they dissolve
Occur when we attempt to determine if our partner is at the same
level of commitment that we are
Open conversations about where we are, how do you feel
Ho are e doig?
Are e oogaous? Are e still seeig other
Secret tests
Yeah go hag out ith your frieds, it's fie…
Not open that you are testing how they feel about you,
but you feel like you learn about them from it
The degree to which we come to rely on our partners for
relationship outcomes
Stress and tension result when dependence is not balanced or
Only inhibits the relationship when it is imbalanced
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