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Lecture 5

MUSI 1001 Lecture 5: Musi 1001 notes 5

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MUSI 1001
Heather De Savage

Musi 1001 Notes 5 The Baroque Era Basso Continuo= continuous bass line Chord instrument harpsichord Melody instrument Viola de Gamba Venice, Italy Home to secular entertainment Concerts, music, gambling, carnivals, prostitution, etc. St. Marks Basilica Polychoral Style Two or more groups of singers andor instruments that perform together Each group is referred to as a choir Can be all instrumental Positioned around the church Callandresponse effect Giovanni Gabrieli (15551612) Italian composer; music director at St. Marks Was one of the first composers to specify dynamics in his music Many important composers studied with him in Venice Early Opera in Italy and England New in the Baroque era: functional harmony Clear sense of a home pitch (tonality) Frequent return to first note of scale Chords that supply melody: harpsichord in basso continuo Strong base line Lowest standing part Celloviola da Gamba in basso continuo Ground base=one line repeats many times New in the Baroque Era: Opera Secular vocal genre Started as elite form on entertainment (Florence, Italy) Public opera house from the 1630s on Combines: Story (libretto), music, dance How is a story told through music? >3 partsstyles of opera:
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