PSYC 1103 Lecture 5: 2.7 Human Attachment

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7 Feb 2017

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2.7 Human Attachment
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
9:35 AM
Strange situation
o Mother and infant in lab room
o Stranger enters, greets mother
o Stranger leaves
o Mother leaves
o Separation protest: how does the kid react when mom leaves?
Tells if child is attached
If there is no reaction, there is no attachment
o Mother returns: big event
Mother child reunion
Quality of child's reaction to mother's return
Shows quality of child-mother attachment
o Response
Secure vs insecure
Secure children can be comforted
o Not as useful now with children who are in daycare a lot
Infant temperament
o Do babies have personalities?
Stable traits that predict later aspects of personalities
Prevailing mood
Intensity of emotional response
Threshold of response
o Jerome Kagan
Pattern of motor tension, thrashing of arms and legs, and crying with visual
stimulation is a sign that child will be quiet and shy
Child ho does’t really reat to isual stiulatio oile ad is really loose ill e
more outgoing
Early cognition
o What do infants learn about the world?
Innate ideas (Jean Jacques Rousseau)
Born with particular conceptions
Geometry: fundamental postulates of Euclid
Understand patterns in the environment
Basic object properties
Permanence, identity, transformations
Categorical structures
Animate vs inanimate, solids vs liquids
Learned ideas (John Locke)
Biology delivers the brain, but everything has to be learned
All concepts and knowledge are constructions
The world could be a radically different place, given a different set of
These positions are both difficult to hold
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