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Lecture 3

HUM 2 Lecture 3: 1c: Rome, Carthage & 3 Senses of "Contra:"

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Nancy Caciola

“Contra” ● “Facing” / “across from” ○ Rome, Carthage, and the Mediterranean ● “An alternative” ○ Carthage as a choice for Aeneas ● “Opposed to” ○ Carthage as enemy Found two cities (EMPIREs): Rome and Carthage Carthage became a huge maritime center 1. “Facing” / “across from”: Rome, Carthage, and the Mediterranean a. Punic a.i. War between Rome and Carthage b. Carthage b.i. Geographically at the epicenter, trying to control the mediterranean. c. Rome knows Carthage historically not only as a rival controlling the mediterranean, but also they came here first. d. When Romans are trying to unify the Italian peninsula e. Vergil’s audience know eclipsing Carthage in this way f. Mare nostrum f.i. “Our sea” f.ii. Roman’s sea 2. “An Alternative”: Carthage as an alternative choice for Aeneas a. A city half built, a woman in soft bed, good place a.i. Very tempting b. Try to engineer things so Aeneas would stay there b.i. Juno ● She knows Aeneas is trying to found the greatest city ● If Aeneas stayed in Carthage, Carthage would be the greatest city, and if Aeneas went elsewhere, another city would be greater than her Carthage. c. Dido already lost her formal kingdom, same did Aeneas. c.i. Dido is a female, which makes her very different character comparing to Aeneas ● Able to take a rational path forward, when her emotions come c.i..a. Ruled by passion, rather than rationality c.ii. Aeneas → pious ● Do religion right ● Very controlled, very rational c.iii. Dido → infelix ● Unhappy, ill destinate d. Aeneas made the wrong choice for this alternative d.i. Aeneas is staying in Carthage d.ii. God Mercury comes and tells him this is not w
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