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Lecture 24

PSYC100 Lecture 24: Lec 24(Starting final exam material)

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Ly Agnes

Lec 24 (start of final exam) • Review: recalling concepts o Structure of the neuron o How does communication occur across the brain? o Brain plasticity § More plastic the younger you are § Most plastic as an infant in development • Nature Vs Nurture Debate o Critical sensitive periods § Certain experiences need to occur in order for development to continue typically o Tedtalk video § Talking about coding knowledge • Its not in our DNA • Its within all the systems of organization that form our organisms § Nature vs nurture through development § Brain is the depository for our developmental interactions • Everything needs to work with each other § Organisms exist in an environment § Babies who are young seem to be smarter then older babies • They have sharper identity features • Perceptional narrowing: In development the knowledge of non-native things decline but their expertise for native things broaden § Ability to tell what things are is lowly defined o Development of the brain § Neurogenesi
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