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David Stanley

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CLIMATE CONTROLS & CLASSIFICATION Climate Controls ** Latitude ** Land/Water Differences ** Geographic Position & Prevailing Winds ** Mountains & Highlands ** Ocean Currents ** Global Pressure & Wind Patterns Climatic Variables * done over a 30 or 40 year period to get the averages Mean monthly T° = avg. T° for a month Mean annual T° == avg. T° for a year Mean monthly precip. = total precipitation for the month Mean annual precip. = avg total precip./year Köppen Classification Scheme * developed by Wladimir Köppen, & is the most widely used system ** based on patterns of vegetation; plant associations are limited by certain T° & precip. Regimes * Köppen system: a series of letters for T°, precip. Values & seasonal changes * 5 principal groups: 4 based on T°, 1 based on precip. 1) First l
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