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Lecture 5

WMST 2010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Choice Function

Women's Studies
Course Code
WMST 2010

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Sexual Identities and Their Meanings:
Identity v. Desire v. Behavior 9/8/16 3:49 PM
“A Question of Class” by Dorothy Allison
How do you understand the concept of “Us/Them”? What does it
o Alienation and boundaries
o Someone else’s “Them”
§ A/Not A
o Intersectional
§ White and Gay
ú “Us” and “Them”
o Idealized v. reality
§ Myth Virtuous
How does this relate to Dorothy Allison’s essay from Thursday?
Us v. Them
Who is included?
Who is valuable?
Whose perspective matters?
Who is given the benefit of the doubt?
Who is a “member”?
Who is “human”?
Who is worth recognizing?
Challenging Binaries
What is lost in the focus on a romanticized “myth of the poor” or a
demonized “them”?
o Class VS Socio Economic Status (SES)
§ “Good poor” and “Bad poor”
ú Hardworking, honorable and poor decisions
Who is deserving?
o Resources
o Benefit of the doubt
o Conditional provisional inclusion
How does “choice” function for Allison”?
What were her choices?
How did they change over time?
What cased the change?
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