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Developmental Neuroscience March0113 11:01 AM Critical Periods Konrad Lorenz (1973 NP) Impreinting German scientist His discovery: if you took baby geese and hatched them, theyd follow you around and imprint on you thinking you were the mother goose Something about brain just after birth to latch onto something Wait a little longer, loses capacity to imprint Critical period Younger is better, things can only happen at some age Genome is somehow prepared to do Gerald Edelman 1972 NP Malthusian survival Functional validation Visual system: If the right experiences happen, the brain changes What changes? When they project, theyre haphazard Respond to seek out consistency, and eventually they end up with a proper pattern The retinal ganglion cells that project to the tectum send out random axons, which then are pruned to their adult pattern through visual experiences Ocular dominance columns White is the input from one visual field, and the black is the input from the other You would think in an adult brain that its wired that way The
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