SCLT 2362 Lecture 4: Chapter 4

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Job analysis: outline tools for job
Job description: purpose, tasks
Job specifications: qualifications
Strategic HR planning
Job design
Performance appraisal and compensation
Compensation management
Legal compliance: discrimination
HRM functions
Major parts of job analysis
What is job analysis and how affect HRM
Collect info
Subject matter experts (SMEs)
Diaries: 2-4 week period
Sometimes exaggerate difficulty of position to inflate egos and pay
Controlling accuracy of job data collected
Developed by US Training and Employment service
Utilizes inventory of work activities
Functional job analysis system (FJA)
5 point scale
Id 200 different tasks
Have to pay for it
Position analysis questionnaire system (PAQ)
Identify critical job tasks
The critical incident method
US air force
Tailored for org
Rated on how important
Task inventory analysis
Obsolete jobs
How more than what
Building job profiles with competencies they need to do well and adapt to new
Competency based approach
Other sources of job analysis info
Job title
Code for ONET system
Job id section
Parts of a job description
Sources of job analysis info
Chapter 4
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
10:10 AM
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