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Lecture 10

CLJ 101 Lecture 10: CLJ 101 – Intro to Criminology – Unit 10Premium

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Criminology, Law, and Justice
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CLJ 101
Mc Carty Bill

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CLJ 101 Intro to Criminology Unit 10: Guns
Pro-Gun Argument
o Armed citizens deter criminals because they can better defend
themselves & others third-party effects/external
benefitscriminals don’t know who’s armed so they’re more weary
Events of self-defense by brandishing a gun go highly
Women who actively resist with a gun are the most likely to
survive with the least injuries; if unarmed then active
compliance is the best
Hot burglary (when the person is at home) occurs significantly
less in the US than in Canada or Britain where they have
stricter gun control
Convicted felons admit to being more worried about armed
victims than police
o Everyone should be armed
o Citizens should have equal power as police to prevent government
o Vigilantes & privatized personal security is good
o )f you can’t take the gun away from the criminal then at least everyone
should have one instead of only the bad guys
Anti-Gun Argument
o Arming citizens just makes criminals work to get even better at what
they do
Better armed
More numerous firepower
More ready to fire
o Guns lead to more homicides than when a gun is not present in an
o Policing becomes more difficult and ineffective. They would have to
take the same steps as criminals in order to stay effective or at least
more powerful than the average civilian.
o Guns aren’t essential to protecting yourself from oppressive
governments (ex: Tahrir Square)
o Pro–Gun arguments don’t account for those who are unarmed. )t puts
them at the greatest risk
o Pro-gun logic follows that of nuclear weapons, which shows us that a
armed society is more dangerous to itself and others
Most murders are perpetrated by someone the victim knows
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