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Lecture 3

COMM 100 Lecture 3: Informative Speech Assignment Criteria Fall 2016(1)

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COMM 100

Round 3: Informative Speech Assignment/Criteria (100 pts) This assignment is designed to help you learn to share information effectively. This speech requires you to develop a strong thesis/central idea statement (CIS), clearly worded main points, and a logical organizational pattern. You will identify an event or issue that meets the social science orientation of the course and prove to your audience that it is causing or will cause an impact in the world. In addition, you will support your points with background research that you have conducted. Your supporting material should be specific and serve as evidence for your main points. THIS IS NOT AN OPINION SPEECH, AND IT IS NOT PERSUASIVE. You must have six credible sources to back up your speech, with explanations, examples, stats/facts, and visuals. One of the goals of this speech is to develop your ability to research significant issues on your topic. Consequently, you will use at least three credible articles from scholarly journals and three other credible sources. This means that you must have AT LEAST SIX (6) CREDIBLE SOURCES IN YOUR SPEECH—THREE SCHOLARLY SOURCES AND THREE OTHER CREDIBLE SOURCES (i.e. books, newspapers, magazines, government websites, etc.) At the end of your speech, audience members will ask one question to give you the opportunity to hone your question answering skills. This question and answer period does not count as part of your speech time limit. You will conclude; we will applaud; then you will ask if anyone has a question; another designated speaker who spoke on the same day will ask a pertinent question. During this round, you are also responsible for asking one question of your classmates’ speeches. For this speech, you will use slides to present your main points and to clarify and emphasize key pieces of supporting material. You should prepare a title slide as well as a slide that previews your main points. Additionally, it is useful to present each main point on a slide as you introduce it. Key pieces of supporting material should also be presented visually, and at least one statistic must be represented as a graph in your visual presentation. Again, you may choose a topic that interests you, which is socially relevant, and which will be interesting, beneficial, and important to your audience. These are some limitations to the informative speech – nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical (i.e. how to obtain a fake I.D.), no overly religious topics (i.e., discussing the superior nature of a religion, God, or gods), nothing extremely controversial (i.e., abortion), and so on. Also, you may not bring in live animals or guns/ammunition. Why this speech? In both formal and informal situations, it is important to be able to talk about relevant issues as well as the greater impact they have on the world. Preparing this speech will help you learn to present well-chosen information clearly and to practice using various informative strategies. Requirements at a glance • Speech topic must be a current issue related to a business/social science topic that is interesting to you and beneficial to your audience. • 5 minutes. Going 30 seconds over or under time will lower your grade. You must practice to make sure this does not happen! • Adequately develop each main point with three (3) concrete supporting material in each—if there are three specific points, there should be six (6) different sources + six (6) oral and in-text citations + six (6) sources (in alphabetical order, APA formatting) on References page. • To reiterate: you must have six (6) appropriate and credible supporting sources. Research sources should be taken from three (3) credible sources from newspapers, magazines, books, and credible websites. Remember, you MUST use at least three (3) credible articles from scholarly journals (go to the Library page on the UIC website to search for scholarly sources). You may also use government websites for statistics. Page 1
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