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Class Notes for Music at University of Illinois, Chicago

MUS 118 Lecture Notes - Spring 2018, Lecture 10 - Al Jolson

Al Jolson Born in Russia in 1886 and grew up in a Jewish immigran...

MUS 118
Jordan Kamps
MUS 118 Lecture 8: American Popular Music: Tin Pan Alley - Swing

find more resources at American Popular Music ...

MUS 118
Ruth Rosenberg
MUS 127 Lecture 2: Notes on guest speaker

Laura Martinez Latin American Music 127 Juan Díes Paper Assignme...

MUS 127
Barilari Elbio
MUS 127 Lecture 1: Latin american music notes

Laura Martinez Latin American Music June 21, 2016 Inca- Bolivia...

MUS 127
Barilari Elbio
MUS 107 Lecture 1: Fundamentals of Music Theory 2016 spring 11am

Fundamentals of Music Theory ...

MUS 107
Huang Hai- Tao

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