EARTH 114 Lecture 9: EARTH 114 Lecture 9

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Earth and Environmental Sciences
Jamie Gleason

Lecture 9 Sea ice and climate feedback o Sea ice is sea water that freezes on a seasonal cycle Monitored by satellite Large seasonal cycle Sensitive to climate change Regulates heat exchange in polar regions o Positive feedbacks: drives the climate forward at faster rates (too warm or too cold) o Negative feedbacks: stabilizing and help keep the climate system in check, or from veering too far off in one direction What are the climate implications of long term trend in sea ice formation(1) o Long term trend measurable decline less and less sea ice (IN ARCTIC) o Long term trend hold steading and slightly increasing (IN ANTARCTIC) not responding to warming in the way we expected Sea ice in the arctic ocean is projected to vanish completely during the summer melt season by the year 2050 at current trends. This is having a major impact on climate and weather patterns in high latitude areas. The sea ice situation around Antarctica seems to be more stable
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