BIOLOGY 280 Lecture 11: Sexual Selection

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Bruce Byers

find more resources at Lecture 1: Sexual Selection Monday, October 17, 2016 12:22 PM Sensory bias: 1. Natural selection on sensory system (male and fema )le 2. Results in pre-existing bias in females for male trait that has not arisen (ex. Preference for a certain color or shape, even if ioesn't exist in the male yet) 3. Mutation in male produces rudimentary version of tria t (mutation in males that females are predetermined to prefer) Clucia flowers drop in water that guppies really like to eat. Male guppies ○ have orange spots, and females like bigger and brighter orange spots. Turns out these spots are made from the environment not body functions. § Experiment: if given circles from different colors,they will choose the orange. (sensory bias = attraction to orange) because nutritious food usually is orange § Higher attraction to color orange = females are attract ed to more orange spots Nerophis ophidion: - Males chose slightly larger females most of the tim,e and females with bigger skin folds - Males chose females with fewer spots whether they wr e caused by tattoos or parasites (choosing on the basis of phenotypes) Painted snipe birds: - Females are more brightly
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