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Lecture 5

HISTORY 373 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Ziegfeld Girl, Gibson Girl, Rudolph Valentino

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Labor and leisure in the Urban North, 1900-1920
Work and leisure
Wage work and leisure are intertwined
as urban dwellers had ever steadier paychecks, amusement entrepreneurs
developed ways to get that money out of their pockets
some historians argue that since factory work was so deadening, leisure became the
site where they “became human” again
going out at night: "reclaiming their body from their mind and work"
this was the first time in US history that people spent time without those outside of
their backgrounds - cross-class, cross-religious, and in some cases interracial
sociability were the norm
drinking became popular and important past time
work clothes, going out clothes
garment workers stole patterns - took them home and in their free time made
the language of hats -
the clothes make the man/make the woman
The Gibson Girl:
mass production of a beauty ideal emerges in the earlier 20th century
The Ziegfeld Girls:
had more “boyish” figures
girls would bind their breasts
The ladies were all about HATS
working class women had smaller hats and assemble artificial flowers
the more feathers and flowers, the better!
mens fashion
The movies
only a couple minutes long per movie
more circus-like atmosphere
both sons and daughters in immigrant families work
gender notion of what sons need and daughters need
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