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Lecture 3

HISTORY 373 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: New York City Draft Riots, Anti-Irish Sentiment, Castle Clinton

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History 373 – 9/21/16
1870-1890’s: there’s a dramatic internal migration —> african americans from
rural areas to urban areas
white planter class is trying to sell the “new south” by building new factories and
having cheap labor
Atlanta: major new south city
an increasing number of poor white children were working in factories because:
the African americans moved away
poor white families would send away their children to factories to supplement for
the lack of income
black people were more focused on gaining freedom, reconstruct their families, get
an education, etc
they embraced traditional gender roles: husbands looked for better jobs and wives
stayed home
having the wife depend on the husband meant that he was making enough money
for the family
white reformers in the south are saying “oh no poor white children aren’t getting
an education and black children are” —> could shift everything
"old stock immigrants" (1840-1850’s)
4 million immigrants: Germans, English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Scandinavians
“unrestricted” immigration
predominantly white immigrants and assimilate relatively easy
famine victims (1847) —> Irish were going through the potato famine so they
decided to leave and come to the US to look for better opportunities
summer of 1845: potato “blight” devastated crops
“famine fever” spread through the Irish countryside
over the next 10 years, more than 750,000 Irish died and another 2 million left for
Great Britain, Canada, etc
NINA laws —> No Irish Need Apply
Castle Clinton - new immigration landing depot
the bureau of immigration was created and housed with US department of labor
Five points, NYC - one of the first multi ethnic neighborhood in the US (first slum)
and also an African American neighborhood
New York City Draft Riot, 1863
you could buy yourself out of a draft so it’s basically a poverty draft
the people who were getting drafted in NYC were Irish immigrants which made
them mad
the draft rioters went to the Colored Orphan Asylum and destroyed it —> people
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