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David Gross

Corey Reed 10/8/2013 Visual Arts Lab Report I went to the Du Bois In Our Time art exhibit this past Thursday during the middle of the day, around noon. I was expecting the exhibit to be somewhat full, with people looking at all of the galleries and different displays; however I was surprised to find myself among the few in attendance. Besides a group of ten to fifteen people on a tour of some sorts (I did not have time to follow the guide around) there was no one in the museum besides me. This didn’t bother me in the least because I don’t really feel comfortable viewing art when other people are around. I feel rushed and unable to concentrate on how I feel about a piece. Contemporary art does not have much meaning to me which is how I feel about most forms of art. I understand that there are different levels of skill when it comes to producing a work of art, however even the most magnificent pieces fail to “wow” me in ways that other experiences do. One feeling that I did find myself noticing while walking around observing all of the pieces in general was a strange awkwardness towards the layout of the pieces. One room held black charred pieces of a book, another was blacked-out with a movie playing on either side of you and an ugly shrine in front, another was a mish-mash of pictures relating to what I am guessing was wilderness. The entire gallery did not feel cohesive and left me wondering why it was about Du Bois in our time. The piece that caught my eye was in the section that seemed to be dealing with nature. I am not sure of the name of the artist, or if it was even supposed to be a work of art in the exhibit for that matter, but the video of the opening and closing of the flower taking up one entire wall was the most meaningful in my eyes. In the first part of my analysis as I stood there for ten or fifteen minutes watching this video, was to comment on the details. The flower starts off as a bulb and bursts into life in a single expanding motion, bringing with it the brilliant whiteness of the petals. The green of the stem and the white of the petals stand out starkly against the pure blackness of the background. The petals continue expanding, cr
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