BIOL 208 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Intrinsic Factor, Capillary, Macrocytic Anemia

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4 Feb 2017

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Lecture 4
Megaloblastic- rbcs vitamin B12 deficiency or folic deficiency
Vitamin B12 - if deficient- cell begin to slow down
- End with microcytic cell
- Not due to lack of vitamin B12, due to lack of protection
- Pyloric region- region of stomach produces intrinsic factor
- When vitami B12 goes through stomach, intrinsic factor attaches and prtects vitamin B12
- Also promotes vitamin B12 absorption
- Autoimmune response - cells in pyloric region destroyed- leads to poor vitamin B12
Follic acid- Folate
- Macrocytic anemia- synthesize amino acid
- At the end, rbcs appear
- Cells are like microlytic
Amenia - hemorrphagic type:
- Internal bleeding, severe cut
- If number of blood lost is less than 1 liter, interstitial fluids (b/w cells) body can
compensate - causes anemia
- 5 to 7 days to restore
- Can take 15 or more days
- If lost more blood = need for transfusion
- No blood available for transfusion? - injection of saline solution
- Level of anemia is more dramatic
Anemia- hemolytic type:
- RBCs are splitting
- RbCs rupture b/c:
- Bacterial toxins that are released
- Mismatched blood
Anemia - Aplastic type:
- Bone marow destoyed - no more blood cells and formed element
- Immune system affected
- Prone to hemorrphages
- Bacterial toxins can destroy red bone marrow
- Exposure to radiation
- Certain medications
Anemia- Generic abnormalities
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