American Politics COMPLETE NOTES [Part 11] - I got a 4.0 in the course!

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March 24, 2014 Why do Americans hate the media? ➔ Consequences ◆ Decrease in trust in government Political ◆ ◆ Evaluations ◆ Use and increase in alternative Media Sources ● Like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report ● Dogmatic/ideological view ● Reinforce not challenge ● Contribute to cultural/political divide ➔ Depending on the type of media the public watch, their opinions will be affected Today’s Questions ➔ Why is political participation important? ➔ What is political participation? ➔ Is participation, particularly voting, rational? ➔ Who participates and why? ➔ Is voter turnout low, and is this a problem? ➔ How do Americans vote? I. Political Participation: Overview ➔ Why important? Citizens ◆ ● Communication preferences to those in power ● Principal Agent Problem ○ How do representatives dutifully reflect principles of citizens? ◆ Representatives ● Understand preferences ● Organization/Intensity of interest in an issue ○ If a large number of people are action pregnant, representatives will likely pay attention to the issue ● Electoral Consequences ○ Of supporting or ignoring particular issues ◆ What is participation? ● Political activities whose purpose is to influence the government ○ Types ◆ Conventional ● Using existing rules ◆ Unconventional ● Existing outside the rules of the game to affect political decisions II. Is Participation Rational? ➔ Rationality and Participation ◆ Probability times Benefits > Cost = Participation ◆ Probability times Benefits < Cost = No Participation (Free Ride) ➔ Benefits of engaging in participation ◆ Material ● Could be money, jobs, financial ramification for a policy ◆ Solidary or Social ● Create new networks ● Meet new people ◆ Purposive ● Psychological benefit of participation ● “Doing your duty” and being a “good citizen” ➔ Costs Information ◆ ● Assessing or collecting information about candidates to make an informed deci
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