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Political Science
POL 1201
Elizabeth Beaumont

Critiques of Black Nationalism How does he describe the philosophy of Black Nationalism? • land, independence, nation • empower black communities because they already exist separately from white communities • self-help for black communities • "black man should control the politics in his own community" • "should own and operate . . . in our own communities" What are its key tenets and why does he think these are more important and valuable than those offered by King and the mainstream Civil Rights Movement? • Defines this as a philosophy of "self-help," or self-empowerment, independence, and freedom for blacks • "True" or "Black" revolutionary goals of political, economic, and social/cultural independence, self-reliance, self-sufficiency • Compare to key goals of Civil Rights Movements: integration and equality with Whites How and why does he think the civil rights movement should change? • Encourages shifting attention from civil rights to Human Rights ◦ The problem of civil rights (rights in a legal system) as a domestic legal institution, doesn't want to rely on the government/legal system ◦ Skepticism regarding US government ◦ Desire for cross-national/international solidarity among people of color and nationalist movements • Criticizes King
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