PSC 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Pocket Veto

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9 May 2016
Lesson 1
Read Bowers Chapter 6
What is the LCB and what are its main functions and division?
How does the state deal with budget shortfalls?
Structure of legislature
oBicameral (2 chambers) – 61 legislators
Assembly (42 members)
Senate (21 members)
oLegislators can be reallocated every two years based on state census
Each legislator should represent around the same number of Nevada residents
District lines can be redrawn to ensure this
o21 years old
oResident (of the district they are running in) for 1 year
oQualified elector (eligible to vote)
4-year staggered terms
Staggered = Half of the Senate is up for reelection every two years
2-year terms
oLegislators can only serve up to 12 years in their chamber
oApproximately $147/day for 60 days
oLiving and travel allowance
Biennial for 120 days
Every other year in odd numbered years
Usually called when legislature does not complete its business
Traditionally called by Governor
Until 2012, only the Governor could call for a special session (and the
legislature could only deal with issues chosen by the Governor)
Called by legislature
Began in 2012
Voters chose to allow the legislature to call for its own special session
2/3 of the legislators must submit a written request for a special
Restricted to 20 days
Lesson 2
find more resources at
find more resources at
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