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Lecture 4

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NeuronsNetworks INeuron DoctrineAEmerged from general Cell Theory in late 19th CBNervous system NS made up of 2 kinds of cellsiNeuronsspecialized for communicationiiGliasupport system for neutronsBHuman brain 80100 billion neuronsCFunctioning through connections between neuronssynapsesDEach neuron synapses with 11000 other neuronsESo perhaps 100 trillion connections in the brainIINeuronsAAnatomyiDendritesinput zoneiiCell body or SomaiiiAxon Hillockstart of signalivAxonoutput pathwayvAxon Terminaloutput zoneviSynapseBChemistryCOverview of Neural CommunicationiTwo kinds of signals in the brain1Electrical due to ions charged moleculesiiBetween Neurons1Chemical due to neurotransmittersiiThese signals alternateBThe Neuron is a BatteryiElectrical signals in the neur
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