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Political Science
PSCI 150
Sean Doherty

Class 4 2/10/2014 "Liberalism" in IR: 1. Classical Liberalism Classical liberalists like Locke and Kant Differences between classical realism and neo realism are relevant here *(Ikenberry) (Anne Marie Slaughter) Ikenberry's Hidden Grand Strategy ofAmerican F Policy 2. Liberal Internationalism 3. (Neoliberalism)Economic Means 4. Neoliberal Institutionalism Core value of liberalism: freedom. unit of analysis: the individual. 3 big differences going from classical to neoliberalism: 1. Classical: human nature; inherently good or evil. Neoliberalism: structures are more important; looks at states in the international system 2. Classical: what foreign policy leaders ought to do; making normative claims. Neoliberalism: take "ought" out of it and look at the "is" 3. Classical: making generalizable claims. Trying to find relationships between different variables that actually have consequences Realists: world is least conflictual when there is a balance of power (anarchy) Concert of Europe- talks about balance of power issues Even in the ararchic world can't we recognize that states share interests? such as avoiding a global financial meltodwn and avoiding nuclear war How can we recognize these shared interests and move toward cooperative behavior? Natural Law:The state of nature has a law of nature and everyone is underneath this natural law There is a state of nature and we will talk about anarchy but in fact there are common themes Adam Smith: people have a natural propensity to barter, exchange Emmanual Kant: govt structures matter; beginning of argument to say that think of pol liberalism, capitalism, and also notion of democracy creating accountability Negative Liberties: guarantees that protect the government from infringing on your rights Positive Liberties: guarantees that the govt has to provide for you Third strand of Liberalism: participatory freedom-you should have a voice in the process Liberals focus on absolute gains rather than relative gains- if we all gain then it doesnt matter who has a bigger slice of the pie. (For realists the top priority is security) Liberals focus on the ways that we can create shared identity by focusing on commonalities Liberals dont want to see the distinction btw high politics (diplomacy) and low politics (commerce) so distinctly made Liberals have more faith in laws and institutions. Liberals have faith in interdependence. Example: if stateAa
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