POLB80H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Al-Qaeda, Kenneth Waltz, Thomas Hobbes

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Polb80 final exam review andrew, greg, ron, rachella. The modern liberal state invokes a political and economic system that will bring peace and prosperity. Relations between liberal states will be collaborative and cooperative. Locke and kant human nature, cooperative vs conflict, talk through thing rather violent course of action. Bentham who felt that the creation if international law can facilitate cooperation between states just as it does within states. Kant who believe that liberal states with relatively equitable constitutions will be more likely to foster mutual respect amongst their own citizen and in turn, amongst each other thus leading to peaceful ir. Kant theory suggest that democracies rarely go to war with one another. Two powerful democratic nations will unlikely go to war with one another in modern day. Anarchy to realist, is the absence of overarching authority not the absence of any cooperation. People will seek to increase one s power through various means( self fish motives, greed).

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