April 9 notes

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University of Rhode Island
APG 203
Professor Garcia- Quijano

4/9/14 Ethnic groups, Nations and Nationalities • Nation: a society sharing a language, religion, history, territory, ancestry and kinship • Nation-state: a stratified society with a formal, central government o Migration, conquest and colonialism led most nation states not to be ethnically homogeneous • U.S.A o Has 10 nations in it (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Native Americans, etc) Nationalities and Imagined Communities • Nationalities: groups that now have, or wish to have or regain, autonomous political status • Imagined communities (Benedict Anderson) o Language and print played crucial roles in developing national consciousness o Nations are imagined, not real  Connections to entire nation-state impossible, yet feeling of connection is strong (i.e soldiers will die for their “nation”)  Recent phenomena o Colonialism often erected boundaries that corresponded poorly with pre-existing cultural divisions Ethnic tolerance and accommodation • Assimilation: when a minority adapts to the patterns and norms of a host culture o Incorporates into the domina
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